Should I get the ATH-M50x?

Should I get the ATH-M50x?

Yes, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are absolutely worth it. These headphones are extremely versatile and so regardless of what you use them for (streaming, gaming, listening to music, etc.) you can be assured that you are getting an excellent pair of headphones for a great price.2022-03-26

Why do people hate the Audio-Technica M50x?

Perhaps some of the hate against the M50X seems like it’s just because they are mega-popular. Or maybe, it comes from unrealistic expectations for the sound of a “studio monitor,” especially in this price range. Comfort is another point of contention I’ve seen. Some feel they’re too clampy.2016-04-25

Is Audio-Technica high quality?

Less premium build quality. Audio-Technica offers higher-end models that feel more premium, but most that we’ve tested have a plasticky and slightly cheap feel, even if they still seem durable.prieš 5 dienas

Is Audio-Technica good for audiophiles?

Despite the aptitude of its headphones, Audio-Technica prices often undercut the competition, making them a great introduction to world of audiophile sound without breaking the bank.2021-07-15

Whats better than the M50x?

The MSR7 is a better-looking, better-sounding, more comfy M50X. It doesn’t collapse as well, and it doesn’t have the locking cable system. Everything else about it is better. It’s one of the few headphones I can easily say is better than the M50X.2016-12-16

What type of cable does Audio-Technica use?

ATH-M50x Cable, Coiled AUX Cord Replacement for Audio-Technica ATH-M40x, ATH-M70x Headphone with 1/4 inch Adapter, 4ft to 10ft.

Are M50x still worth it?

Are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x still a good buy? Yes, the ATH-M50x still have decent sound quality that is up to today’s standards, and they’re lightweight and comfortable too. If you’re looking for a more affordable pair of studio headphones, the Sony MDR-7506 are a great alternative.2022-03-24

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Is the ATH-M50x discontinued?

Is the Ath-M50x discontinued? The M50 line of headphones from Audio Technica has been discontinued for a while. The ATH-M50x is a new version that comes with better bass, is more comfortable, and features a great cable. Also, they offer better sound quality and are perfect for casual listening.

What cable does the M50x use?

Connector 1 1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Male
———— ————————–
Cable Length 3.9′ / 1.2 m

What is better than the ATH-M50x?

The Sennheiser HD 820 are a slightly better closed back critical listening headphone than the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, but not by much considering their price difference. The HD 820 have a much better and more premium build quality.

Why are M50x so good?

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are great sounding closed-back headphones for critical listening. They have an exceptional reproduction of the bass, mid, and treble range and they feel sturdy and durable enough to last you a while.

Can you use Ath-M50xBT wired?

Can I also use it wired? Yes, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT support wired playback along with Bluetooth streaming.

What type of cable is used for headset?

The three most common headphone cables are 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 6.3mm cables. Below is a picture of each type and a summary of what each type of cable is used for. 3.5mm (1/8 inch): 3.5mm cables are found on most portable CD players, MP3 players and boom boxes.

Is Ath M40x better than M50x?

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x are very similar to the Audio Technica M40x, but they have a slight edge over them. They feel a bit sturdier and better-built than the M40x, and their audio reproduction is slightly more accurate and neutral.

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How do I connect my ATH-M50x to my computer?

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and select to pair with ATH-M50xBT. The headphones will pair by saying Bluetooth connected, and the white light on the earcup will go from rapidly flashing to slowly fading in and out, indicating that pairing is complete.2021-12-22

Is the Ath-M50xBT good for gaming?

Sub-par for gaming. While the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT are comfortable, their latency is too high for gaming. If you plan on using them with the included audio cable to get rid of latency, you can expect a better microphone performance than the integrated one that was measured.

Does the Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT have a mic?

The Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT offers great sound quality both with and without wires. They have an open sound with enough bass to satisfy most users. The Bluetooth controls are well integrated and the inclusion of a separate cable with an integrated mic is a real boon.2019-03-16

Why are Audio-Technica M50x so popular?

Although they were launched in January 2014, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X remain a very popular option for anyone looking for a good pair of wired headphones. The main reason for the success of the headphones has been their fantastic build quality, and of course, their signature sound.2021-08-17

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